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Event: USE=VALUE when we digitize our broadcast archives

An open talk at The Smithsonian Institution by Tobias Golodnoff from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Also featuring Ivan Dehn, and Miriam Lerkenfeld of Danish Broadcasting, and Lars Ulrich Tarp Hansen, Head of Communications at the Kunsten Museum in Denmark.

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM, Monday, April 22, 2013
Smithsonian Institution, Office of the CIO
600 Maryland Ave., SW, Suite 4000
Washington, D.C. 20024



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USE=VALUE when we digitize our broadcast archives
How the Danish public service broadcaster are succeeding in digitizing its huge AV archive and create a national online platform for accessing digital heritage

An open talk at The Smithsonian Institution by Tobias Golodnoff from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Part one – a talk

Tobias Golodnoff has been heading up the digitization and preservation project of the Danish Broadcasting Corporations (DR) program archive, on an estimated 520,000 hours of content, while establishing the largest national collaboration in focusing on online access to the national and digital heritage in Denmark. He believes that public service value is generated when users gets access to resources and engage with our cultural heritage. The idea of USE=VALUE has driven him and his team to develop new innovative methods to lower digitization cost and create a national platform where both largest and smaller cultural institutions digital collections are aggregated online. Through this approach, DR has created a new and massive national archive with free and accessible content.

In this talk Tobias will give an in depth presentation of DRs work and he will share best practices in his primary focus areas:

  • Digitization & Preservation
He will explain how DRs digitization strategy was developed and how it has secured that more than 500,000 hours of radio and television, archived on various broadcast formats, since the projects was started in 2007. The talk will introduce a number of best-practices which can be used to industrialize digitization and cataloging to secure efficiency and lower costs.

  • Access & Use
To serve the needs of the community, a strategy based on creating access and use was established. A national platform has been built and DR is currently designing a central interface to the more than 200,000 objects gathered from the (Danish Heritage) collaboration between more than 15 national cultural intuitions. The platform is being used to facilitate a LAB for digital dissemination which, by the end of 2013, will present a set of guidelines and insights to support future access and use.

Part two – a Q&A and knowledge sharing session

The talk will be followed by a Q&A session and a discussion where the participants’ can ask questions and debate challenges and possibilities within the field with Tobias and two of his team members, Ivan Dehn, head of Innovation and Miriam Lerkenfeld, web editor of


tobias.jpgTobias Golodnoff has a Master of Science in IT and he is a Project Director at DR. He has been managing the digitization project at DR (DRs Cultural Heritage Project) since 2007 where the digitization was funded through a special government grant of $13 million. His core competence is strategy, innovation and project management. Tobias is a strong believer in public service and knowledge sharing and he is the General Secretary of FIAT/IFTA and a board member of several national organization and projects.

ivan.jpgIvan Dehn is the head of innovation at DRs Archive & Research department and has lead large IT projects for DR since the beginning of this millennium. He is the chief architect of our online platform CHAOS (Cultural Heritage Archive Open System) where we aggregate the national digital heritage resources. The technology has been developed as part of the project strategy and is now the core technology in several projects. One of these is the LARM-project where he is also the technical project director. In the LARM-project the technology is being used to the Danish Universities to give the researchers access to 1 million hours of radio.

miriam.jpgMiriam Lerkenfeld has a Master of Science in IT and is the web editor of She is a strong concept & product developer and new media specialist. Her focus is the development of new collaborations, products & knowledge in the LAB. She has been developing our new media strategy and has just been a part of the team that designed and managed the new media launch of 2 of DRs new TV Channels.

Lars Ulrich Tarp Hansen is the Head of Communications at the Kunsten Museum in Denmark, where he has responsibility for marketing, public relations, digital medias and interpretation. Lars Ulrich is the project leader of the iGuide-project in collaboration with The Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

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