Hi - - I'm Michael Edson. I work at the Smithsonian Institution on web and new media strategy, operations, implementation, and governance.

If you work in Web and New Media or are just interested in what's going on give me a shout!


In the length of time it takes many museums to hire a webmaster, the Google Art Project has aggregated over 30,000 works of art from over 150 collections in 40 countries—and the Google History Project will soon bring vast library and archive collections into a similar platform. It's easy to be intimidated by Google's technical strength and scale, but how good are these projects, both in terms of their formal execution and their impact on society? Is Google eating our lunch? Or are they a trusted partner in advancing the greater good?This engaging and provocative session will bring together some of our community's best thinkers to serve as the prosecution, defense, witnesses, and judge in a mock trial of the Google Art Project—and you, the audience, will serve as the jury. Through the mock trial format we will explore the project's impact on users, education and scholarship, branding and marketing, technology platforms, collections access, intellectual property policy, and museum missions and strategy. At the end of the trial the jury, participants, and audience will co-develop a written verdict that summarizes our collective insights and outlines a plan-of-action that will help us work with Google and other content partners in the years to come.